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Cross Reference Parts List


Air Filter: K&N: E-2470 (stock number), number on filter A061A6

Alternator Bearings: Russian 35A Unit: one each, 6220 2RS and 6203 2RS

Alternator, Regulator: Russian 35A Unit: Bosch 1197 311 212 or 214, TRANSPO IB-385 *Must be installed front side down and terminal wire length increased by 1 inch.

Alternator seal: Russian 35A Unit: 22X40X10

Battery: WalMart ES20LBS

Bearing, Tapered, Headset: BMW #31412, only available through Ural or vintage BMW dealers (see Appendix #5)

Branch Tubing: 2" CEET tubing from www.wicksaircraft.com

Crank Rear Main seal: Butyl Chicago Rawhide #21642 or VITON 21641

Key blank: ILCO 1526R

Oil Filter:  EMGO #10-26960

Relay for Hi/Low beam/starter: Note: The headlamp relays are 5 terminal and the starter relays are 4 terminal. The 5 terminal relay part numbers listed cost more than the 4 terminal (which are not listed) BUT, the 5 terminal can be used in any of the relay positions where the 4 terminal cannot.  The 5 terminal is the most versatile to carry as a spare. Therefore, I only list the part numbers of the 5 terminal relays. Standard Motor Products RY-115, Sorenson MR-78 and Borg/Warner R3012.

Universal Joint, Sidecar driveshaft (with grease zerk): Precision 341, NEAPCO 1-0300, Spicer 5-111X, WESCO 201-581  or AMGAUGE 581


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