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  1. How... ?
  2. Where... ?
  3. Why... ?
  4. Who... ?
  5. What... ?
  6. When... ?


How... ? I run-in my engine? Read this little primer by Mr. B. R. Gurunandan explaining the process.  It involves Royal Enfield motorcycles but is valid for the URAL too. Read it three times until you understand it and then start at 50 mph and go, go, go. Don't be afraid to crack the throttle and remember to not lug the engine. you pronounce URAL? Depends, if you're'd say "Your Al".  If you're Russian you'd say "Oo rawl". you pronounce that other brand of Russian motorcycle? You didn't hear it from me...but it's..."DeeNeeper" (say it very fast and trill the "R").


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Where... ?

...can I find a Parts X-Reference? Go the Service Manual and look under, Chapter 10.

...can I find a list of bearings and seals used on the URAL?  Service Manual, Chapter 10.

...can I find High Performance Parts for a URAL?  Ha, ha, ha...AAAAAh, ha, ha, ha, ha.

...can I find Aftermarket Tires? See Chapter 10.


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Why... ?

...doesn't IMWA publish the prices of it's accessories? I dunno, it's a mystery to us all.

...does IMWA paint their motorcycles other colors than O.D. green? Another mystery. I think they just try to follow trends instead of setting the standard. O.D. green is like a Navy blue suit or black wing tip shoes, it's classic and never goes out of style.


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Who... ?


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What... ? a BFH?  An acronym for Big F#cking Hammer. A not-so-far-off-the-mark joke for what is needed to bring a ailing bike or part into compliance.

...a cage? An enclosed 4 wheel vehicle. a Foilhead?  A person who wears an aluminum foil beanie to thwart mind probing/altering radio waves thought to be broadcast by foreign and/or domestic government agencies. Reputedly , when first brought into the U.S., the only people crazy enough to purchase a URAL were of this collective eclectic group of people. Things have changed very little over the years.... a Hack? Slang (British?) term for a sidecar rig. Probably came from someone saying, "looks like you hacked that thing together. I dunno, but that sounds good.

...a Monkey? The individual occupying the hack. In sidecar racing this person climbs from one side to the other in turns to balance out the rig. An early version of aerobics', the person leaping about resembled an excited monkey...hence the association and nickname for anyone sitting in the tub. "RPOC" ? Stand for "Russian Piece of Crap". Another loving euphemism use to describe our somewhat cantankerous Russian stallions. The Russians are not found of this moniker understandably...although it is not meant in a strictly derogatory way. It's more like when your favorite dog unbeknownst to you,  eats a cat turd and then licks you on the might yell; "You piece of shit!"...but you still love the dog and you're not going to get rid of it. Shoot it maybe...but not get rid of it. UDF? URAL Delay Factor. You are an oddity, get used to it. Everywhere you go people will stop you and ask questions...lines will form. A simple 15 minute errand in a cage will take 1 hour on a URAL due to taking the time to answer questions. WWID? An acronym for "What Would Ivan Do". Pertains to maintaining and fixing Russian motorcycles. Do to the economic and political climate in former Soviet Bloc countries, proper replacement parts, tools and money were in short supply. The Russians became the mothers of all invention when it came to keeping things running/working including their motorcycles. Improvising and making do with what was on hand was part of daily life. The gist of the phrase as used among the foil today; is to not get overly complicated with fixing or modifying the bike, use the simplest approach when wrenching/fixing your bike.


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When... ? SPITS? First weekend in May.


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