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AK-47 Mounts

These are getting difficult to find and are available primarily from European sources.


Axe/Hatchet Mounts

These are even more difficult to find. The Soviet axes/hatchets are worse yet. Occasionally you will see the NOS axes for sale through military surplus houses like Sportsman's Guide. If you can't find a Russian axe, get a "Boy's" or "Felling" axe, they're 27" long and fit the mount pretty well. Last picture shows a Boy's axe mounted.



Bar Muffs

Available from Langlitz Leathers on a custom basis. Shearling lined, heavy leather muffs. Fit over handle bars and attach via belted strap. Keeps hands toasty when the mercury falls.



Black Out Covers

Used to cover all the lamps for night stealthiness. These are still somewhat easy to come by through European sources.



German Navy "Knoblebechers". Heavy winter naval boot. Lamb's wool lined, water-proof leather and heavy lugged oil resistant sole. Bundeswehr sizing only. Available through select German military surplus houses.




Wooden slats used to keep the monkey's feet out of the water laying in the bottom of the tub.


Fuel Canister

These normally come mounted to the right corner of the nose on the hack. I prefer to mount mine at the inner aft corner of the hack. Mounted here, the can can not bounce free of the rack over rough terrain; it is held in place by the spare tire. This position also deters casual theft as most folks can not figure how to lift the trunk to remove the can.


Lap Robe or Apron

Discontinued URAL item but available as NOS from several dealers while supply lasts. Apron shown is available from Langlitz Leathers on a custom basis.

A lap robe/apron looks like this. Image you are sitting on the bike...the rectangular flap covers your knees and chest, the two legs follow you shins down to where they attach to the carb compliance fittings.

To install the apron, toss it across the tank and seat like a saddle letting the legs drape down.

The split in the leg straddles the carb compliance fitting in front of the throttle cables.

The newer hard mount carbs and K-68's don't allow you to fully snap up the split. An alternative attachment point is behind the carbs here.

A view from underneath before snapping up the legging.

A forward view of the legging in place. Don't worry, the head does not get hot enough to damage the apron.

To snap up the left side, toss the apron over the handle bars...

...and reach over the tank and snap the legging in place taking care to not bind the throttle cable or thumb plate.

I slide the apron between the foot brake lever and hack frame to keep from stepping on it whilst applying the foot brake.

Apron covering the seat awaiting rain or snow.

Expect burn holes in the lower portion of the leggings from...


...the exhaust here. This is normal and nothing to whine about.

Again, make sure you install the apron so as not to interfere with throttle cable or thumb plate function. Throttle hang ups can occur if you are sloppy.

To store the apron fold it in half like so...

...then fold each end into the middle...

...and then fold in half length wise...

...then fold in half top to bottom.

An idea of the folded size.

The lap apron can be used for many other purposes. Some are; a ground cloth for repairs, wet ground or picnicking, a makeshift awning, light cover... for sleeping, water basin for washing or hauling water, rain poncho...the list goes on. It is a very versatile accessory for your URAL.


Leg Guards

These can be found in metal (Dnepr/KMZ) and plastic (URAL/IMZ) although the metal are getting harder to come by. Your local URAL dealer should be able to get you the newer plastic version with little problem. At best these keep some of the road slop off your lower legs. They do not keep you warmer in the winter as some folks espouse.


Machine Gun Mount & Pintle (Fore & Aft)

The mounts are moderately easy to acquire (installing them is another issue), if you purchased a URAL Gear-UP this is already installed. The pintle is another matter altogether. Within the last couple years these seemed to have dried up. If you do find one, you'll pay a pretty penny for it unless you are lucky. The pintle will hold the DP, RPD, RPK and PKM series light MG.



Russian Cruise Control

My little joke. There is no such thing. I use half a wooden clothes pin to wedge the throttle. It's secured via some parachute cord to the handle bar and when not in use, slipped into a zip tie around the bar. Very nice on long hauls, frees you up to move around and relax. I lay across the tank with my arms outstretched over the head lamp...very aerodynamic...pick up an easy 5 mph.


Shovel, Entrenching

The mounts for the shovels are another item that is getting harder to find. The Russian Spetsnatz shovel is not easily come across either. Cold Steel makes a copy which is actually much better quality than the original.


Shovel, Engineer

These use the same mounts as the entrenching shovel so you get no break here. The engineer shovels are easier and cheaper to find. I have not mounted mine yet due to laziness; it is mounted horizontally along the left side of the hack.



Unless you got a Patrol or Gear-up model with the spotlight on it; you will be hard pressed to find one. Occasionally a U.S. dealer will have a handful for sale.


Tool Boxes or Panniers

Contrary to popular myth, these are not ammo boxes. Ammo might have been carried in them, but they were not designed with that purpose in mind. These are just general purpose panniers for tools, parts, vodka or whatever. The panniers are readily available through European vendors. Most are new made copies not NOS. IMWA is now selling a modernized version of these through their dealer network.


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