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Sidecar Shock Removal & Installation

Note: This applies only to Patrol and Gear-Up models.

Tools Needed: Jack or support, 14mm and 12mm wrench, silicone spray.

Place jack or support under sidecar frame. Raise the tire about 1 inch. You could probably get away with just tilting the bike over on its left side.

Use the 14mm wrench to remove the lower shock mounting bolt.

Use the 12mm wrench to remove the upper mounting bolt, lock washer and washer.

From behind the sidecar, grasp the lower portion of the shock and pull aft to free it.

Now slip the upper portion of the shock off the mounting stud. The shock can now be serviced or replaced.

When mounting the shock make sure the threaded nib for the bottom bolt is facing toward the sidecar wheel.

Spray the bottom mounting rubber with silicone spray and slip the shock into place. Loosely thread the bottom bolt in place.

Spray the upper shock rubber with silicone spray and push the shock out and away from the mounting stud...

...and slide it on. Tighten the upper and lower mounting bolts. The jack can be used to extend or compress the sidecar swing arm to align the shock mounting points if needed.

Lower the bike and remove the jack or support and you are done.

You single wheel drive guys will wish you had it this easy!



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