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Removing the Valves

Tools Needed: Hammer, 22mm socket, 100mm to 150mm extension and a wad of newspaper

Wad up a full sheet of newsprint

Place it under the cylinder head to prevent the valves from moving too much.

Set the head down on the newspaper wad, I hang the exhaust boss off the edge of the table so the head lays flat.

Place the socket and extension over the valve spring keeper plate...


...and strike with a hammer several quick blows. You must hold the extension, I can't because I'm holding the camera.

The two half moon valve keepers will pop out. Careful they don't go flying off into oblivion.

You can now disassemble to valve. Take care not to drop the valve when you lift the head as it is now free. Parts are laying in order, top to bottom.

Both valves removed. Intake is on the left, exhaust on the right. Exhaust valve is the smaller of the two.

Profile of the intake and exhaust valves.



Installing the Valves

Tools Needed: Long 22mm open end wrench, needle nose pliers, newspaper wad and an assistant.

Slip the exhaust valve (smaller of the two) into the valve guide next to the exhaust port.

Place newsprint wad in chamber and lay head down.

Slide a spring keeper plate over the end of valve and valve guide.

Drop the smaller inner spring on first...

...then the larger spring next..

...and top it off with the last spring keeper plate.

Grab the wrench and give the assistant the pliers and the two valve keepers.

Place the wrench on top of the spring keeper...

...and press down firmly like so.

You can adjust the pressure to widen the slot for the first keeper to go in.

Assistant can use fingers or pliers to drop the keepers in place. Took less than 15 seconds from start to finish.

Repeat on second valve and you are done.

If you chose to use a valve compression tool, choose wisely as many types will not work with this head. C-clamp types work fine. You can even make a home-made clamp from a standard 6" C-clamp.    
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