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Removing the Crankshaft Rear Bearing Housing

Tools Needed:  Screw driver, internal & external C-clip pliers, 12mm socket, extension, ratchet and puller.

Use the screw driver to remove the old Rear Main seal.

You'll find either a Butyl rubber or VITON seal installed. This is a VITON seal as can be seen from the green color edge and brown lip material.

Under the seal you will find a large C-ring in the back plate and a small C-ring around the crank. The bearing is a #208.

The job or removing the clips is much easier with the proper C-clip pliers. These are Heyco made in Germany about $30 each.

Both of these were removed in less than a minute.

Use the ratchet, extension and 12mm socket to remove the 9 bolts that hold the back plate to the case.

I use a "Lisle" #45500 Puller to remove the plate. Screw the flywheel bolt back in 1/2 way for the puller bolt to push against.

To keep everything from falling on the floor, I put a long bolt in one of the top back plate holes. It takes a little elbow grease to pop the plate off.

The rear main bearing comes off with the plate.

A view of the back of the plate. Clean all the old gasket material off the plate and case with a razor.

With the bearing removed you can see the crank and oil slinger. The vertical rod on the left is the driveshaft to the oil pump.



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