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Removing & Installing the Clutch Release Mechanism (Gearbox Removed)

Hint: This can be performed on the bike with the rear wheel, final drive and battery removed.

Tools Needed: Pliers

Begin by removing the clutch release lever...

...it is held in place by the clutch lever axle pin and a cotter pin.

Squeeze the cotter pin together with your fingers...

...and pull it out.

Push the clutch lever axle pin up with a finger...

...and pull the pin free. Careful as the clutch release lever will drop free.

Axle pin removed...

...along with clutch release lever.

The clutch slider can now be removed. If the gear box is still mounted in the bike, use a pair of pliers to grasp the end of the slider and pull it free.

With the gear box free of the engine, the clutch release rod can be used. Just give it a press with one hand...

...while catching...

...the innards with the other. Here they are shown in their proper order.

The thrust bushing comes out last...

...preceded by the thrust bearing plate. The side with the largest surface area of bearings goes against the face of the thrust bushing on the left.

This side of the thrust bearing plate with the smallest surface area of bearings...

...goes against the clutch slider where my index finger is. The 17X20.5X3.5 O-ring should be replace if oil is weeping from the slider. This O-ring is none standard and available only through a Ural dealer.

It is easily removed with a pick or small flat blade screw driver.

The new O-ring is on the left, the worn old one on the right.

Just slip the new O-ring on and you are good to go.

Looking up the clutch rod channel the end of the clutch release rod can be seen.


The clutch release rod is just a press fit into the clutch shaft channel.


It is easily removed for inspection. 

If the clutch disks are getting contaminated with oil, it is usually due to this seal being worn and gear box oil is trickling down the rod into the clutch disks. The seal is available through your local Ural dealer and can be easily changed using the following method...

New seal and clutch release rod with old worn seal. Use a razor to carefully cut the old seal off. This seal is still good so I will leave it in place while describing how to change it...hope this does not confuse you.

Now, you will need a application cap that comes with RTV sealant or similar products.

Cut the tip off to the length where...

...it is the same diameter as the keeper for the washer and slip it over the end of the rod.

Spray the new seal liberally with silicone spray and slide it over the applicator tip and onto the rod. Presto, the new seal is on in seconds!

Remember, the original seal is still on as it did not need changing.

Examine the square end of the clutch release rod for deformation (mushrooming). Use a file or grinder to dress up the tip. Put a slight 45 degree bevel at the tip as this will make inserting the tip into the clutch thrust plate much easier. 



Installation is the reverse steps.

 Spray the clutch slider with silicone spray or lightly coat with motor oil to facilitate re-insertion into the gear box housing.





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