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Rear Main Bearing Seal and Bearing Replacement

Tools Needed: Tommy bar, hammer, old crank gear, pick, internal & external C-clip pliers and wood blocks


Remove the old rear main seal bearing by inverting the plate on two pieces of wood. Use a Tommy bar and hammer to tap the bearing through the front of the plate.

To install the new bearing (#208) place the plate face up on a piece of wood.

Remove the dust seals with a pick or similar too. I only remove the seal facing the crank and leave the seal facing the flywheel on to act as another barrier to leaks and contamination.

Place the bearing square on the plate and using a 12, 6, 9 and 3 o'clock pattern tap the bearing down on the outer race until seated.

The bearing will be fully seated when the top of the bearing is below the C-clip groove.

Use the internal C-clip pliers to install the bearing keeper clip.

Squeeze the pliers together...

...and insert it into the groove in the plate and release.

If needed, tap the clip into the groove.

Now it's time to install the seal. Whether you use Butyl or VITON, the seal is a standard one available aftermarket. Just ask for a 55X80X10.

Set the seal on the plate square...

...set a block of wood on top...

...and give a few light taps around the seal.

The seal should be mounted flush to the face of the plate.



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