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Weav's 2nd Edition: "M72, K750, Dnepr's, Urals and Related Machines from the East"

Wow! What can I say, the most complete source of factual info. in the free world on Russian iron. A 3lb. 4 oz. tome that you won't want to put down. A must have for the East Bloc enthusiast. Get your copy of Michael Weaver's book at www.molotovmotors.com or E-mail Weav at; threeweavers@earthlink.net.


URAL America Repair Manual: Model Years 1999 & 2000 (Out of Print)

If you come across one of these jewels don't think twice...add it to your collection. Only covers 650cc engine models but many applications cross over to the 750cc bikes.


The United Sidecar Association Website

Follow this LINK to the USA's "Books and Articles" website where you can download Mr. Hal Kendall's two excellent book's, "The Sidecar Manual" and "The Sidecar Operator's Manual" for free. We owe Mr. Kendall a great debt of gratitude for providing these books to the community to enhance safety and a better understanding of our specialized rigs.


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