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Oil Pump Installation

Tools Needed:  Gasket sealer, 22mm and 10mm wrench, needle nose pliers, safety wire and a razor.

Use gasket sealer of choice on the case side of the gasket. No need to seal the oil pump side.

Apply sealer to the case taking care not to plug any oil galleys and press the gasket in place.

Ready to receive the oil pump.

Insert the pump into position and finger tighten the 2 retaining bolts.

Snug them up with the 10mm wrench.

12 to 14 ft/lb. for the torque happy.

Replace the pump screen...

...ready for safety wire.

If you can't find safety wire and live near an airport...you can bum some from a mechanic.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers or safety wire pliers to twist the wire tight.

Ready to button up.

Lube the drive oil pump drive gear with some motor oil and slip it on the drive shaft.

You may need to turn it a little so it drops onto the square drive shaft. This will be practice for the clutch rod later!

Screw the cover plate back on...a little LokTite is not a bad idea as a few of these covers have vibrated off.

Tighten the cover with a 22mm wrench.

The sump gasket is reusable too, but change it. Clean the mounting surfaces with a razor.

The gasket only goes on one way.

Again, I use sealer only on the face of the sump and the sump side of the gasket. If I need to remove the sump later there is not damage to the gasket.

Ready to install...

...use a modified "X" pattern to tighten the sump bolts.

If you just have to torque them...5 to 8 ft/lbs.




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