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Installing the Crankshaft Rear Main Bearing Housing

Tools Needed:  Hammer, block of wood, Four M8 X 1.00 X 30 bolts, 12mm socket, ratchet wrench and C-clip pliers.

Mount the paper gasket with you favorite gasket sealer. And slip the rear main plate assembly on to the crank end.

If you are installing the crank, line the front bearing up with the front bearing plate.

Turn the engine flywheel side up. Install the 4 bolts in the plate to help keep things aligned. Recheck crank alignment then use a block of wood and hammer to tap the front crank bearing into the plate.

Continue using the block of wood to drive the plate home.

Coat the bearing plate retaining bolts with thread compound. I used Yamabond.

Using the 12mm socket and ratchet, install the bolts using a star pattern for even seating.

All done. I could not find any torque values for these bolts. The thread compound will prevent backing out.

Now you are ready to reinstall the crank C-ring.

A 5 second job with the right tool.

Rear bearing plate and crank now installed.


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