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Front Forks & Suspension


Shock Removal & Installation, Leading Link

Tools Needed:  Jack or sump support, 17mm and 14mm wrench, silicone spray.

Place the bike on the center stand and use a jack or support under the sump to lift the front tire approximately 1" of the ground. Remove and replace only one shock at a time!

Use the 17mm and 14mm wrench to remove...

...the top shock bolt.

Use the 14mm wrench to remove...

...the bottom shock bolt.

Pull the top of the shock forward to free it...

...then pull the bottom of the shock free. You may now service or replace the shock.

When reinstalling the shock, make sure the thread bib goes to the inside of the fork. Install the bottom of the shock first.


Use silicone spray on the rubber cushion or it will be difficult to mount the shock. You will tear the rubber without using the silicone.

The shock should slide right on, then loosely install the bolt...

...give the top rubber a squirt of silicone to and slide it in place.

Install the bolt, you may need to pull up on the fender slightly while stepping on the rim to line things up. Shouldn't take any effort at all.

If there is more than a few mm's of off-set with the holes...one or the other shock is not functioning correctly and must be serviced again to find the problem. Otherwise, tighten bolts and remove the other shock for service or replacement.    


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