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Removing and Installing Cylinder Stud Bolts

Tools Needed:  Two 17mm wrenches and LokTite

Use the cylinder stud nuts and "double nut" the stud and turn it off. Repeat on the other studs.

Mark which end of the stud goes into the case as the ends are different. The stud on the right shows the case end.

Clean out the case holes; there was so much schwarf in this one the stud couldn't seat fully.

Here's all the pieces to get started reinstalling the cylinder studs.

Put a dollop of  LocTite on the threads and screw it in until the threads are fully seated-no further.

Double nut and tighten. Some of holes are drilled completely through the case and the stud will just keep going. Stop when the threads disappear into case.

One side done and one to go...

...ready for the cylinders now.



Installing Cylinder

Tools Needed: None

Here is the oil return galley to the sump.

Make sure you put the cylinder gasket on correctly so as to no cover the hole.

Put the gasket on to the studs square so as to not tear it.

No need to use any sealer and yes it is easier to put the gasket on before the piston.

Get the cylinder  and oil ready...if you removed the push rod seals put them back on now.

Note the nice deep bevel at the mouth of the cylinder. This is there to make sliding over the rings easier.

Arrange the ring gaps so they are all in-line at 12 o'clock...heresy; but do it anyway. Another myth falls.

Lube the cylinder barrel with a little motor oil.

Slide it on...

...right up to the piston.

Now, tilt the piston back enough to get the bottom of the #1 compression ring to enter the cylinder bevel...

Use your fingers to press each side of the #1 ring together closing the gap...

...while pushing the cylinder forward with your stomach or knee. As the #1 ring goes in press together the #2 then the #3...

...and in under 2 minutes you'll have installed the cylinder. Remember to put all ring gaps together up top where you can see them.

A bump with the palm of the hand and the cylinder is seated.

Press here to get the push rod seals to seat if they don't pop right in.

Make sure the vertical "l" mark on the seals are at the 12 o'clock as you seat the cylinder.

Side view of installed cylinder.

Quarter view of the face of the cylinder.

Pop the other side on and you're done. Shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes.

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