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Crank Removal

Tools Needed:  Ball peen hammer and machinist hammer

Place the ball end of the ball peen hammer on the end of the crank. Strike the peen face smartly with the machinist hammer driving the crank out the rear of the case. The crank will fall free of the front bearing plate.

Crank and bearing are now free.

Hint: The case must not move while striking the ball peen hammer. Place the engine against a wall or door frame while hammering the crank out if you have no other way to secure it from moving.

To remove the crank, position the flywheel key slot at 12 o'clock.

Tilt the crank end straight down.

With your right hand grasping the crank end...rotate the crank CW as seen from below. This will draw the rod arms into the case. As you are doing this...

Slowly turn the entire crank to the left...

...and out she comes!


I was so amazed I had my Dad take another shot.

Now you get to put it all back together!



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