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To Remove the Clutch Discs

Tools Needed: 3/8" Ratchet wrench, 3" extension, 3/8" Torx bit socket, blade impact driver bit and large blade screwdriver or URAL crank handle tool #345-316-3.

This is my "tool" for removing clutch screws and the distributor cover fasteners.

The socket is for a Torx bit. The impact bit blades width is 10mm and 1.5mm thick.

It fits the clutch screws perfectly and removes them without damage. I have found it unnecessary to use an impact driver.

You will need to keep the flywheel from moving by jamming with a large screwdriver or holding it with the URAL crank handle tool.

I don't even clean the peen material from the clutch screw slots. Just turn the screws loose and remove the thrust plate.

Remove the first driven plate noting that the rivet heads face DOWN or in.

The intermediate plate comes off next.

The second driven plate is next to come off...note the raised rivet area faces UP or out.

The rivet heads always face in or go down first. Note the oil contamination on driven disk.

Last to come off is the thrust plate. Note the recessed circles for the...

...clutch springs. These are held in by RTV sealant which I used to hold them in place while working on the clutch with the engine in frame.





If the lip of the flywheel is marred or gouged, have the lip machined or polished smooth so the rear main seal is not damaged.



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