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A.  Type IV Ignition Timing

Tools Needed:  13 and 12mm wrench and flat blade screwdriver (stubby optional)

Time Required:  Less than 30 minutes.

Remove the rubber plug over the flywheel view port and using the kick starter, bring the flywheel around until the arrow with the dot at the shaft end is in the middle of the window.

Use a 12mm and 13mm wrench to remove the nut securing the horn. Remove the wires to the horn and set horn aside.

Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the ignition cover and set cover aside. I use the inverted cover to hold the bits & pieces.

Turn the front wheel so you can get a flat blade screwdriver in to loosen the 2 set screws holding the ignition module. A stubby screwdriver works well here.

Turn the ignition "on"...

...make sure the Kill Switch is in the "run" position.

Turn the ignition module fully CCW, the LED should be on.

Side view showing module turned fully CCW as seen by the lubber line against the base plate hash marks.


Slowly rotate the ignition module CW until the LED goes out. The lubber line should be very close to the 4th hash mark on the base plate (dark line in previous photo).

Here you can see the 7 base plate "hash" marks and the single lubber line on the ignition module. Black mark is were lubber line should be when LED goes out.

Finish up by tightening set screws to ignition module, turn off ignition/kill switch, replace ignition cover and replace horn.









Up Service Manual FAQ Favorites Photo Gallery