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Removing & Installing the Camshaft and Gear

Tools Needed:  17mm, 12mm, 13mm wrench, wood chisel, hammer, appropriate long shank screwdriver for fastener and maybe a thin block of wood.

Place something under the head to catch the residual oil and remover valve cover.

Turn off rocker arm nuts...

...and remove rocker arm assemblies. I put the nuts back on so the head doesn't slip off.

Remove push rods...

...and mark them so they can be returned to their same position.

First step complete.

Next, use the kick starter to turn the engine over several times to push the tappets away from the cam.

Pulling the tappets is not necessary.

 If you need to repair the tappets, you must remove the cylinder head and cylinder. The tappets are held in by the staked screws at 6 o'clock. Remove these and pull the tappets.

Now the distributor cover needs to come off. Remove the ignition cover, ignition,  Interrupter and coil.

Then remove the 10 screws that hold the distributor cover on.

Use a wood chisel and mallet to gently separate the distributor from the case. Watch that the breather doesn't fall...won't hurt may hurt you. Breather is sticking up in the middle of the distributor case.

Breather goes here on the cam with the cut-out resting over the pin/dowel on the cam gear. If you loose this pin, you can pull one of the valve cover alignment pins to use in its place.

Another look at the breather.

With the cover off you can now see the cam gear (the largest gear).

Turn the engine over until a cam gear hole lines up on one of the cam bearing retainer plate screws.

There are two screws, one at 2 o'clock...


...and one at 8 o'clock. Remove them with the screw driver. Once the screws are out... may pull the cam, cam bearing and gear free. Sometimes it may hang up on a tappet or need a light tap on the gear through the alternator mounting hole with wood and hammer.

Behind the gear is a #205 bearing. You can see the lobes of the cam and the oil pump drive gear at the end of the cam.

A peek in the cam bearing plate showing the right side tappets and in the very back the bronze bushing in which rides the far end of the cam.



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