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Welcome Foilheads!


I'm Bill Glaser, and I have been owned by a URAL since 2002. I started this site in response to the many requests on the IMWA and Russian Iron forums for a factory authorized Service Manual for the Ural motorcycle. There has not been a Service Manual available since the last printing by "Ural America" back in 2000. I thought that I would take a stab at tossing one out on the net. This manual is unofficial, renegade and a work in progress. I will add to it as time and repairs permit. Be forewarned that I am not a trained mechanic or even remotely mechanically inclined. What little skill and mechanical knowledge that I now possess was derived from the past 4 years of Ural ownership coupled with the support receive from the members of the above forums. Without the freely given knowledge from the owners and dealers of these fine Russian machines; I would not have been able to compile the information for this site. For all of you out there who have helped me along...I want to extend to you my deepest thanks.

Throughout this manual I try to perform as many repairs as I can with the tools provided in the OEM tool kit. Some additional "specialty" tools are needed from time to time and are pointed out. All tools used are available at any good hardware store or on-line sources like Harbor Freight, J & L Industries and others. Not many are expensive and some you can make yourself with stuff laying around your house.

In the spirit of the machine and keeping in mind the "WWID" principle, I attempted to make all the repairs as close to "serviced-in-the-field" as I could. Many schooled mechanics might cringe at some of the primitive methods of repair shown here; but remember my purpose is to show that these are simple machines that anyone with two left thumbs and a BFH can fix.

Bear in mind that I am not a professional photographer and that one hand was holding a camera for all shots. Because of that fact; you must use a little imagination from time to time when viewing the following. As opportunities arise, better photo's will follow...maybe even a video or two. And finally...there is more than one way to skin a cat. What I demonstrate here is not gospel, engraved in stone, the only way or even the correct way...but it works...and don't come whining to me if you hose something up.

So, as a small gesture of gratitude for everybody's sage advise (good, bad and otherwise)...I give you;


                                              " The Unofficial Ural 750cc Service Manual".


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